Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Questions We Often Receive.

Why different pricing?

Pricing may be lowered from published list prices due to low attendance, multistudent discounts and to meet competition.


Where are the Pdu's?

The class descriptions contain the PDU's.


How do I register?

Click on the link for Primavera Training on the main navigation bar. All registration options are available on that page.


Why no online registration?

You may register online. See the above answer.

There are good reasons not to register online. First, we have resisted handling sensistive information over the internet. Thieves and hackers have proven to the DoD, Veritek and other organizations with the highest trained technical staffs in the world that their firewalls can be compromised. We are in the Project Management business operating on small margins, not in the data security management business.

Second, our published price may not be our lowest price. We often offer discounts based on class size, recommendations, personal situation (laid off/unemployed) and other considerations. So, we do want people to call and talk to the training coordinator.


What happens to credit card information?

We do not store credit card information. After we process credit cards, the information is destroyed. Nevoda Planet adheres to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DDS) and updates and submits its policies once a year.


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