Skills Assessment

Check Out The Computer Skills You Should Have Before You Come To Class

Oracle Primavera Project Management applications are sophisticated. The training is directed at students who have access to the software. Be that as it may, many students come to class intent on changing careers or finding a position in the scheduling community. Quite a few are successful.

For the benefit of the class, we try to ensure all students have the computer skills to navigate the class materials. Students familiar with Excel or spreadsheets do well in class because many of the tasks required in class are consistent with Excel usage.

This page lists basic computer skills you should have before you attend class. The instructor is not expecting to teach you these skills; you should be able do these things before you come to class.

General Computer Skills


  • Explore the C: Drive
  • Create a Directory
  • Explore a Directory
  • Save Files on the C: drive or navigate to other directories for saving

Excel Related Tasks

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  • Create a file
  • Open a file
  • Edit the contents of a cell (three-click method)
  • Adjust column width
  • Rearrange columns
  • Order a column
  • Highlight the cells of an entire column
  • Highlight multiple non-contiguous cells
  • Right click (many commands are available from right clicking)