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Rebaselining a Project

Sometimes it is necessary to rebaseline the project. However, if you create a new baseline from the current project and assign it to the schedule, all of the completed and in progress activities will have baselines that show they started, and, if applicable, finished on schedule.

If you would like to see the original baseline for historical activities, and the new baseline for future activities, you will have to apply filters to the baseline displays.

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Figure 1 shows the project with the original baseline (Base 1).

00 baseline orig

Next, we create a new baseline (Base 2)

01 baseline maintain

…and assign it.

02 baseline assign

Next, create filters for the appropriate baselines. The filter for the Project Baseline is All Activities. That changes to Orig Baseline based on the filer below:

03 baseline filter1

The filter for the Primary Baseline is Normal. To a second filter is added for activities that have not started.

04 baseline filter2

The next figure shows the bar dialogue after you adjust the filters for the bars. Here, the filter for the Project Baseline is changed to the Orig Baseline created above. For the Primary Baseline, the New Baseline filter was added to the Normal filter already in place (All Selected Filters option was selected).

05 baseline bar3

The new display is actually showing two baselines. You have other options if you do not want to adjust the baseline filters. You could create new bars, for example.

Create them the same as the Project and Primary Baseline Bars and then apply the filters to them. This preserves the integrity of the original baseline displays.

06 baseline dual